On 15th November 2010 Mohamed "Mikko" Hassan passed away in an unbelievable freak accident in his hometown Cairo. He was only 23 years old. At the age of 20 he started working as a press photographer at the daily newspaper Al-Shuruq Al-Gadid. Apart from his daily coverage of political demonstrations and interviews, he used his freetime to curiously explore his city and capture the production processes in the manufactures and tanneries of Old Cairo. It led him into the most hidden parts, deep into the labyrinth of Cairo's old quarters. The here presented pictures are a first reflection of his recent work. Photography, besides metal music, was his biggest passion. He constantly talked about presenting his work, when he would finally be done. Tragically he never had the opportunity to finish the begun project. This may hopefully conserve his unfinished work and inspire others to continue, where he once started.